Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Person Who Keeps Taunting Me For Being On The Phone A Lot

Dear Person Who Keeps Taunting Me For Being On The Phone A Lot,

I would just like to explain how and why "my phone keeps beeping", how and why it IS possible to "know everything about everyone" and how it is ALSO possible to "be so 'social' without having superficial relationships."

Let me start by telling you that people like you who pose all these questions, are really those who can't multitask. It's that simple. Of course there's the whole other problem of you not having any friends and family to chat with in the first place!

Today I talked on the phone to my friend from Dubai for an hour. I caught up with a school friend over phone chat - I planned dinner with 4 of my cousins on group chat. I exchanged friendly banter with an ex-boss over Facebook on my phone, I spoke to my sister halfway across the world on Yahoo Messenger. Not to mention about 15-20 other myriad conversations on different chat and social networking applications on the phone. And it's all in a day's work! Without me having 'superficial' conversation. Without me losing out on personal interaction with others I had through the day. Without me paying through my nose - since many of the features I used were pre-paid for and hence allowed me unlimited usage.

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So what's all this you say about me always being on the phone? Why don't you get that it's not the phone I'm addicted to - it's the PEOPLE on the other end. YES I want to know what my sister had for breakfast - I miss her, she's thousands of miles away. I AM interested in my school friend's weekend plans and NEWSFLASH - I actually DO care about my uncle's new haircut.

I'm happy that I'm part of their daily lives in spite of not being with them!

I'm happy that distance plays no part in how close you can be to people.

And most importantly, I'm happy to share my own life with all these people at the touch of a button.

So yes, I'm always on the phone. Because the people I love are at the other end of it. And YOU just better as hell learn to deal with it.

Always On The Phone

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