Monday, October 17, 2011

20-something fling...

I don't care, I really don't.
I'm very clear about what I will and won't.
Just fun and games, let's keep it merry.
Let's not get serious and emotional very.

Because emotions mean you care.
Emotions are the worst.
Emotions are your downfall.
Emotions leave you hurt.

And when you're burnt so many times,
20 times bitten - 200 times shy,
You barely want to show emotions,
For fear that they may run dry.

So you're extra careful all the time,
Follow that muaah with a mischievous :)
Follow that :) with an LOL
God forbid our emotions show and tell.

Restrained and controlled,
Don't pick up that phone,
Don't send that message,
Keep it all in - that emotional outrage.

Keep it all in till it forms a wall,
Hardened - strong and very tall.
Pretend those emotions were never there,
Because of course, after all, I really don't care.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An untouched 20-something...

Today as I was writing this, I paused for a minute. A sound was annoying me from outside my window. I strained to hear - and I could just about discern some slogan chanting. "Wow", I thought to myself. "The protest march has reached Irla outside my house! Not bad!" Distracted from my writing, I returned to the Facebook newsfeed to see some recent pictures of an ex-colleagues baby shower. I laughed at some witty status messages and pondered at recent developments in my friend circle. And then I went over my busy social schedule for the next day: lunch at Indigo - check, yoga - check, Elbo Room - check.

As I returned to write this, the feeling washed over me even more strongly than it had earlier. I belong to that strata of society. Yes that one. The strata that is born in one large cocoon and shielded in that cocoon for most of its life. The truly untouched.

Right from politics, to terrorism, to the state of affairs to even economics, precious little can touch our lives. Yes, we read the newspapers and follow the news channels and spew our views across dinner tables and in lawns in Khandala. But does it really affect us - and will it ever?

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The sad, yet extremely true fact of the matter is that it won't. A terrorist attack, after the first 2 hours of frantic phone calls, ceases to be even a fleeting thought in our minds unless it's a matter of our own safety - or our near one's safety. Granted, if we're in an airport or a crowded place, we look around furtively for signs of terror. But it fails to leave an impression. Anna's fight against corruption is always in the background in our surroundings, in the form of tweets, facebook statuses, notes like this one, headlines, photos and for some a memory of a rousing walk chanting slogans. But it's like the rain. You know it's raining. You're aware of it - it's there somewhere at the back of your mind, but your thoughts still comprise of where to go for lunch with your friend, why a certain someone is ignoring you, how that sprained neck is still hurting, how you might miss the gym today, what you could be doing this weekend, why your boss is suddenly late today, why your cook can't learn how to make a new vegetable, why people keep writing annoying notes on facebook, how you must remember to get your cavity checked, how you have to remember to clock those air miles, how you have to serve new fun snacks at this Friday's poker party, how this new shampoo is making you lose hair, what you're going to give your husband for his birthday, how you should charge more for this job, how you should subtly get your boss to notice that you're doing all the work, how you should remember to show off to your friends about your appraisal, how they're replacing Two and Half Men with Rules of Engagement, how you have to book your tickets for Metallica and the F1 race, how you need a manicure, how you're going to suggest a counselor to your friend who is under depression, how you're going to give it back to that rude colleague next time, and really why is he acting like this???

No matter how many rousing slogans we read, how many articles about common people sparking change, about masses bringing about a revolution - nothing is going to stir us out of the beautiful bubbles we've so carefully built around ourselves. This wonderful cocoon spun so painstakingly to keep ourselves out of the world we live in.

And it's only when someone is torn out of that cocoon, forcefully, by an attack against himself, his own family - his business or his home - when corruption or terror or poverty come and hit HIM directly in the face. Only then will he behold that hell which lies beyond the cocoon. That demonic world of intangible wrongs, which we view from our ivory towers.......wondering where we'll have lunch today.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

How do you know when you’ve grown up?

Is it when you have new epiphanies every so often? 

When suddenly the haze around many issues and conflicts in your mind seems to melt away and solutions look crystal clear?

When you realise that your friend is your friend only because that’s what she always has been and not because you connect with her on many levels?

When you realise that you can’t bond with one friend by bad-mouthing the other?

When it finally hits you that deceit, lies, gossip, playing mind games and keeping a record of ‘who knows what’ is just too tedious and completely unnecessary?

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When proving something to your friends ceases to be a priority in your head?

I think it’s all this and more. When you acknowledge that being clear in your mind is so much easier than justifying confusion.

When you realise that being part of someone else’s melodrama all the time, only takes away the chances of your life being exciting.

When you find yourself actually following the advice you give to your friends all the time.

When you find yourself actually appreciating people for being clear-headed, sorted and fundamentally solid about their ideals.

When you learn to appreciate the differences between you and the people you’re close to. (Trust me – this may sound the easiest, but it’s something the best of us struggle with every day.)

Or when you learn to deal with family stress, diseased loved ones, the plumber, a burnt finger, a disgruntled friend, a pressure cooker and a pigeon in the house all at the same time. Or balance a demanding boss, a bitchy colleague and a particularly tedious job all by being politically correct...........all the while trying to be a social, creative – yet sorted, intelligent, balanced and fun person?

It’s not easy to grow up. Especially when you know...that there's miles to go...before you sleep.