Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chocolate and Strawberries

Okay let’s face it. There’s a huge cookie-cutter. Many cookie-cutters actually. The cookie-cutters of life. I’ll stop saying cookie-cutter now. Basically, everyone fits into a certain mold. Take many people I know for instance. They come from traditional families, blessed with money and a good education – pretty conventional in the sense of liking popular music, going to well-known places, having common likes and dislikes, dressing similarly and mainly harbouring the same dreams for the future.

We then have a whole other set of people. Creative people. Unconventional in every sense. Rebellious, constantly coming up with ways to have fun, pleasure-seeking, adventurous people. Those that are as conventional and true to their tribe as the first set. Old Monk drinking, Boho-dressing, film festival, backpacking kind of people.

But what about somebody who has grown up with and has some characteristics of the first set of people – but who finds a lot in common with the second set too? Someone who may not be as quick-witted, rebellious and passionate as them, but who shares many of their views and pleasure-seeking habits.

Is there a mold that combines these two? Something that cuts the cookie in a not-so-even shape? When you don’t fit into either tribe, it’s disconcerting. The middle path is a lonely one and the fence gets uncomfortable.
But I can’t force myself to choose between two sections of my life that have equal prominence in it. I can’t have all the characteristics of either one tribe. Not even if I tried. Because that just wouldn’t be me.

So where’s my tribe? Or is this that ‘unique’ factor that every person is told he or she is? Does a combination make you more unique? Maybe the chocolate dough and strawberry dough got mixed up – and then made me.

Oh well, at least chocolate and strawberries are a tasty combination.