Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chocolate and Strawberries

Okay let’s face it. There’s a huge cookie-cutter. Many cookie-cutters actually. The cookie-cutters of life. I’ll stop saying cookie-cutter now. Basically, everyone fits into a certain mold. Take many people I know for instance. They come from traditional families, blessed with money and a good education – pretty conventional in the sense of liking popular music, going to well-known places, having common likes and dislikes, dressing similarly and mainly harbouring the same dreams for the future.

We then have a whole other set of people. Creative people. Unconventional in every sense. Rebellious, constantly coming up with ways to have fun, pleasure-seeking, adventurous people. Those that are as conventional and true to their tribe as the first set. Old Monk drinking, Boho-dressing, film festival, backpacking kind of people.

But what about somebody who has grown up with and has some characteristics of the first set of people – but who finds a lot in common with the second set too? Someone who may not be as quick-witted, rebellious and passionate as them, but who shares many of their views and pleasure-seeking habits.

Is there a mold that combines these two? Something that cuts the cookie in a not-so-even shape? When you don’t fit into either tribe, it’s disconcerting. The middle path is a lonely one and the fence gets uncomfortable.
But I can’t force myself to choose between two sections of my life that have equal prominence in it. I can’t have all the characteristics of either one tribe. Not even if I tried. Because that just wouldn’t be me.

So where’s my tribe? Or is this that ‘unique’ factor that every person is told he or she is? Does a combination make you more unique? Maybe the chocolate dough and strawberry dough got mixed up – and then made me.

Oh well, at least chocolate and strawberries are a tasty combination.


  1. LIKE IT!!
    Personally, I think if you take a good hard look around...there are a lot more of the 'choco-berry' tribe around than you think. It's just that they may be as confused or more and hence pretending to belong on either sides while being torn apart inside. I'd like to think 'CB' is a pretty cool tribe to be in, more accepting and forgiving and therefore an inherently happier place to be.

  2. You already know 6 of your kind :P one more on the way!

  3. Thank you @Mayuri...yes you're right...not many know and acknowledge that they don't fit in. This Choco-Berry tribe is fun, especially since there are so many variants of us in it!

    @Faruuuu...yes and I can't wait!!!

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