Monday, October 17, 2011

20-something fling...

I don't care, I really don't.
I'm very clear about what I will and won't.
Just fun and games, let's keep it merry.
Let's not get serious and emotional very.

Because emotions mean you care.
Emotions are the worst.
Emotions are your downfall.
Emotions leave you hurt.

And when you're burnt so many times,
20 times bitten - 200 times shy,
You barely want to show emotions,
For fear that they may run dry.

So you're extra careful all the time,
Follow that muaah with a mischievous :)
Follow that :) with an LOL
God forbid our emotions show and tell.

Restrained and controlled,
Don't pick up that phone,
Don't send that message,
Keep it all in - that emotional outrage.

Keep it all in till it forms a wall,
Hardened - strong and very tall.
Pretend those emotions were never there,
Because of course, after all, I really don't care.

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