Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

How do you know when you’ve grown up?

Is it when you have new epiphanies every so often? 

When suddenly the haze around many issues and conflicts in your mind seems to melt away and solutions look crystal clear?

When you realise that your friend is your friend only because that’s what she always has been and not because you connect with her on many levels?

When you realise that you can’t bond with one friend by bad-mouthing the other?

When it finally hits you that deceit, lies, gossip, playing mind games and keeping a record of ‘who knows what’ is just too tedious and completely unnecessary?

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When proving something to your friends ceases to be a priority in your head?

I think it’s all this and more. When you acknowledge that being clear in your mind is so much easier than justifying confusion.

When you realise that being part of someone else’s melodrama all the time, only takes away the chances of your life being exciting.

When you find yourself actually following the advice you give to your friends all the time.

When you find yourself actually appreciating people for being clear-headed, sorted and fundamentally solid about their ideals.

When you learn to appreciate the differences between you and the people you’re close to. (Trust me – this may sound the easiest, but it’s something the best of us struggle with every day.)

Or when you learn to deal with family stress, diseased loved ones, the plumber, a burnt finger, a disgruntled friend, a pressure cooker and a pigeon in the house all at the same time. Or balance a demanding boss, a bitchy colleague and a particularly tedious job all by being politically correct...........all the while trying to be a social, creative – yet sorted, intelligent, balanced and fun person?

It’s not easy to grow up. Especially when you know...that there's miles to go...before you sleep.


  1. Extremely insightful! But for me you will always be my one and only Big Baby! Write more, you do it well.

  2. Love it shaista :) my fav line is " being clear in your mind is so much easier than justifying confusion"

  3. Oh how cute moony! YES it's all of those things.

    Also, I think you should play my music on your blog.

  4. i guess it depends upon how a individual perceives it...

  5. Thanks Pajo, Vihal and Moony. Yes moo will try and play your music.

    Rusty, true. This is my perception. :)

  6. I always deeply resented that Wendy went back to the real world instead of staying with Peter in Never-Never land.

    In fact I still do. If I had been wendy I'd never have left.

    I mean, how could she give up flying?

    Frankly, she was an idiot. Growing up is over-rated.

    Ps- your blog makes it REALLY difficult to post a comment. i've had 3 word verifications. open id, wordpress id, another word verification, background check, cavity search and x-ray. i'm exhausted.

  7. Oops Jan sorry! Don't know how to fix the comment thing! I'm trying now as we speak!

    I agree that growing up is over-rated! :) Wish I lived in Neverland, away from gossip, lies, confusion!

    Although a part of me would never give up that masala gossip session once a year! The one you love. :)

  8. Sad but true.. but it's not soo bad either! :P