Sunday, April 25, 2010

You v/s You


Isn't your day full of them?

Take my average day for instance.

I love my city but absolutely HATE commuting in it.
I love that summer evenings are longer. I hate the fact that it's summer.
I love partying and meeting my friends. I hate moving from my room, the AC, the TV and my books.
I hate my taste in men. But I still think that somewhere I'm being true to myself when I realise why I like them.

I am a very chilled, easy-going person. I can also be uptight and very rigid about certain things.
I consider myself one of the most open-minded people I know, welcoming change with open arms. Yet I find myself falling prey to stereotypical thinking and judgments - sometimes unknowingly...
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I'm very practical. But I'm a creative person.
I believe in logic but I live by instinct.
I think I should only mingle with a certain kind of people - people who live my kind of life, think my kind of thoughts and are on the same wavelength. Yet I find myself drawn to my opposites and feel more comfortable with them than I do with 'my kind of people' sometimes.

So which me is the real me? Which me am I more true to? Do I have double standards? Do I want to have my cake and eat it too? Or is this just who I am? Who many of us are...filled with contradictions that blow the leaves of our lives either this way or that.

After all, what's life without a little breeze?


  1. I believe this split is extremely important. Tilting on either side leads to trouble. Logic takes us towards a robotic life whereas Instinct towards chaos and I think we need both...

  2. Oh yes, we are full of contradictions - that's because we have two brains - the left analytical brain and the right intuitive brain - brains that think differently. A Jekyll and Hyde type of situation. But remember, when in doubt listen to your intuitive right brain - listen to your heart rather than head.

  3. Kanishk - very's a contradiction :)

    Vikram - I totally agree, I live by instinct!